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Patterning Sys.

Eagle X7150H
Laser App. System > Patterning Sys.

Eagle X7150H
∙ 본 장비는 IR Laser를 이용한 Laser Direct Patterning 장비로써 PET Film위에 도포된 Silver Paste 및 투명전극(ITO, Ag Nano Wire, CNB 등)을 Laser 와 Scan Head를 이용하여 Fine Pitch로 Patterning 하며, 작은 면적부터 대면적 까지 가공 가능합니다.
∙ Patterning Application by IR Wavelength
∙ Ag Paste & Ag NW & ITO Etc.
∙ Line width Control : Min 15㎛ ~Max 70㎛
∙ Line stich Accuracy : Min ±3㎛
∙ Max. Scanning Speed : 5,000㎜/Sec
∙ Scanning Field : User define
∙ Work table size : 70” and As follow user specification
∙ Option: Multi Head option

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