COMPANY Ongoing Investment in Technology and R&D


World Best People
World Best Company
Continuous creation of achievements, a world where everyone is happy
JT creates the best value through continuous innovation and core values, provides the best
quality trust to customers, provides transparent management and progressive corporate
value to shareholders, and provides good companies to employees. This is the ultimate
goal pursued by JT in order to become a World Best enterprise.
JT will carry out corporate activities for the happiness of not only employees,
but also the pursuit of social interests. Economic, environmental, social, etc., through
the common growth goal to continue to create achievements, and create a world where everyone is happy.
  • The world's best products
    Continuous innovation and
    enhancement of core values
  • World's best technology
    Create the best value based on
    leading technology
  • The best competitiveness in the world
    JT pursues the World Best enterprise
  • The world's best talent
    Enterprises that pursue social
    interests at the same time

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