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Greetings from CEO

Since 1990!


JT Corp Creates the future with new technology!

Dear customers, shareholders and employees

Since its inception in 1990, JT has been proud to have played a role in the development of the semiconductor industry through continuous research and development and the creation of new technologies, always providing customers with the best level of equipment in a timely manner.

JT's World Best product "Burn-In Sorting System" is proven to dominate the global market as the core machine of semiconductor test processes and is offered to leading customers at home and abroad.

Currently, based on the creation of SAFE (Safety, Appropriateness, Function, Economy) and the unparalleled Burn-In Sorting System, JT is developed and supplied through the development and supply of New Packaging Trend, such as system semiconductor test machine, proprietary technology Vision Inspection System, Fan-outCSP (FOSCP) Placer, WLCSP's Vision Inspection, and Tape&Reel machine are expanding their business areas and looking forward to a second leap.

All these changes and growth of JT are for customers and shareholders, but also to impress customers and the future of JT Family.

On the basis of trust, JT is started first to provide the best value to customers and shareholders, for the happiness and better future of the JT family, and to transform our lives into a richer and more beautiful one.

With flexible thinking and reliable management, Best Direction, Best Time, Best Value as the core value of the operation to promise the best partner for customers and shareholders. JT wants to develop into a real contributor to society. Please take care of our challenges with love and care and ask for support and encouragement.

Thank you.

JT CORP CEO, Jun Yoo  

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